Pressing o in vim mode doesn't add new element to list automatically

When I write in obsidian using vim mode, the lists are really annoying to use. I’m not sure if this is a bug or a feature so I when conservative with feature request.

When I press enter in obsidian it automatically adds a new item to the list I am working on when I press enter (I use - lists which get converted to full dots).When I try to do the same thing with vim, by pressing o, it does not add a new item to the list. Very annoying, please fix / add

I was annoyed at this as well, but then I have several instances where I do want to start a new paragraph at the end of a list.

I’ll probably end up finding a mapping I like for “$” → “a” → “Enter” as this is my current solution when in visual mode at the end of a list I want to add to. Probably “ni” for new item or something like that.

My main point is, the Vim command “o” is behaving like I expect it to, and I think changing that expected behavior across the board for particular use cases will slowly break the Vim mode advantage.

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