Press tab to complete rest of tag in text tag dropdown

Use case or problem

When typing out a nested tag, if you have lots of tags it becomes hard to remember them all. The dropdown is super useful, but if you arrow key down to the dropdown option you want, pressing enter selects it and closes the dropdown. If you hadn’t finished typing the tag, there’s no way to quickly auto-fill the rest of many tag names.

Proposed solution

When typing out a tag in a note, if you press the ‘tab’ key over one of the dropdown options, it will fill it out but not close the dropdown and allow you to continue typing.

Current workaround (optional)

On a suggestion I want to auto-fill, I sometimes press enter, then left arrow key, then forward slash, to bring back the dropdown. Having tab would be so much faster!

Related feature requests (optional)


Thank you!
Dan <3