Press Ctrl + O, Quick Switcher does not respond

When I press Ctrl + O to enter the quick switcher , I often cannot enter anything in the search text box, and Obsidian cannot respond to my keyboard press. Although Obsidian’s quick switcher text box is visually active.

Steps to reproduce

Use Ctrl+O to go to the Quick Swithcher search box and arrive at a destination. Then use Ctrl + O to switch to the Quick Swithcher search box again and enter the content again, Obsidian becomes unresponsive, but visually, Obsidian is still active, and the cursor in the search box is still beating.

In other words, when I start Obsidian, I can only use Quick Swithcher once, the second time my Obsidian will not respond, I can only restart it.

Sometimes this bug is triggered the first time. This bug prevents me from using Quick Swithcher.


  • Operating system: Windows
  • Obsidian version: V0.12.19

Thank you! I found the problem from the comment section there. The problem also comes from the shortcut key conflict of NZXT CAM.

In addition, I will pay attention to the bug template next time

You saved my life! It was driving me crazy!

Thanks :slight_smile: