Preference to show backlinks in document by default

Hello, I can’t find any way to show backlinks in documents by default (rather than having to toggle them everytime I go to a page). Especially if there’s a way to set this by page (so that some show backlinks by default, while others do not). Does anyone know if this is possible?


.with dataview plug-in you may use the code shown in this link… works fabulously. I have it in several of my templates where I know it will be useful… Dataview plugin snippet showcase - #86 by SkepticMystic

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Thank you, that’s very helpful. I’ve installed the plug-in and put in the code:

list from [[test1]] ```

This produces a list of backlinks, but it does not include the context given in the default backlinks panel. Are there additional options I can use to add that? I’m not super familiar with code.

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I’d like to upvote this request.

In preview mode there is an option to toggle backlinks in file. I basically always want this option on but at the moment it seems that I have to turn it on on a file by file basis. Would it be possible to have an option in the settings to make this the default for all files when opened in preview mode ?


Yes, I would also like the option to globally set (and retain) the “Toggle backlinks in document” option.


Yep, lots of unnecessary clicks to toggle them on all the time, especially on mobile. And I always want results collapsed, that’s one more click…


I completely agree – it’s quite annoying at the moment how backlinks keep disappearing, and you have to collapse them every time you re-show them.

I created a request a while back about this: Preference setting to auto-collapse backlinks in document


Is there any resolution for this? I strongly support it.


+1 for this feature, global toggle backlink in document would be great


Another +1 for Global toggle for backlinks in documents.


+1 for this feature

This has been implemented

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