Predefined Color-groups (Graphview) for easy switching between them

Now that we have the color-groups for graphs i would like to request predefined groups that i can switch between.

Use case or problem

Why? I love the coloring to easy spot different things in the graph, depending on what i am after i use completely different search-phrases for the colors.

I.e. : i color all my MOCs, the status of notes (seed, fleeting, permanent etc…) and can get an idea of the overall “health” and state of my pkm
Then i filter only atomic notes and links between and color them to see what overall Themes they fit in - here i can see what Themes are bad linked (lots of orphans) or if there are themes often intersecting …

This goes on… To do it right now, i have to setup the coloring each time i change what i want to look at.

Goal: I would like to be able to define color-groups (maybe elsewhere, in a file or in another menu), name the whole group and just tell the graph to use a certain pre-defined “color-group” then.

Proposed solution

I can either imagine it being file-based (like a .ini file, can be xml or json) and there you define the properties (search termes and colors, grouped together)
In obsidian itself you would therefor only reference/choose the “title” of the group defined in the file, so you can quickly switch between different settings.

The other option is to make it UI based (altough i can imagine this way harder to implement in a practical way) but the same would apply:
Having a seperate UI (maybe in settings) where you can make a new “group”, name it, and in that group you have the same options like currently in the graph view, aka setting search terms and colors.

For ease of use (and so it doesnt hinder current workflows from people) this could be optional, so the ui in the graphview would stay the same, but you have the option to use a predefined group also…


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