Potential risks in synchronization

Just today, I accidentally deleted one of my multiple remote vaults and discovered a potential risk: why is it necessary to enter a password to initiate synchronization, but not required when deleting a remote vault?

In fact, it only takes two steps to delete a remote vault, while retrieving/uploading the vault requires a series of steps. Why not consider requiring a password input before deleting a vault? I believe this could help us avoid risks.


Not sure if this is the reason, but since deleting the remote vault won’t actually delete the local files on the various devices they exist, it isn’t really a huge risk. I guess this assumes that all devices are synced up to date. If the remote vault gets deleted, I guess there could be scenarios where there is confusion as to which device has the updated files. And potentially there could be risks. In that light, perhaps it should require a password. But then again, there is no way to recover a forgotten vault password so you could be stuck unable to delete a remote vault that is hogging up your sync space, but you could delete the files. Regardless, I think it is a good point.


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This seems like a solid reason.

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