Possible to Use Multiple CSS Classes (Styles) for Dataview in Live Preview Mode?

Hey all!

I absolutely love Live Preview! It is the only mode I use now. I just love how embed code blocks like Dataview just appear! It’s so great. I wanted to see about creating multiple classes for Dataview in Live Preview that I could use? Is this possible?

I am running into the problem of column width. I know how to set each setting for the default Dataview CSS, such as:

.dataview.table-view-table thead tr th:first-child, .dataview.table-view-table tbody tr td:first-child { min-width: 6em; max-width: 14em; word-break: normal; }

However there are other times when I would like use a completely different style while still in Live Preview. Is this possible?

I know that you can add the cssClass property in YAML but that only works in the old Preview mode, and I would like to apply it to Live Preview.

Has anyone else figured out how to have multiple Dataview style in Live Preview?

Thanks so much!

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