Possible to modify image pinch to zoom gesture using CSS?

I often will tap photos to enlarge, and pinch-zoom them on mobile (iOS). This works but it is extremely sensitive, more so than other iOS apps seemingly - if you don’t align the two finger pinch exactly right it returns to the note. I would much prefer the iOS photos style zoom, but anything to lower the sensitivity would help.

I came across this the other day: touch-action - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN

So is it possible to modify this behavior using CSS? Or any other ideas to help this issue?

I don’t think anything in that link will help.

I’m also not sure I’m seeing the problem that you are. I seem to be able to pinch and zoom pretty normally. Eventually I did start to get returned to the note occasionally but I couldn’t tell why — it seemed kind of random. And I don’t think it ever happened right after tapping into the photo, only after spending some time zooming in and out and panning around.