Possible to have inline fields in checklist?

I am trying to have an inline field display in a dataview table query starting with:

It works with regular bullet lists like:
- key:: value

But not with checklists:
- [ ] key:: value

Note that they’re all lists starting on a new line.
Is this just not supported/limitation?

You can use inline fields in tasks (“checklists”) in the format of inline fields in the middle of the text, not as a full inline field.

Inline fields

full inline fields

key:: value
(the value is all the content in the same line)

inline fields

format [key:: value]

You can use the field anywhere, as this case [key:: value]

format (key:: value)

The same as the previous format, i.e., anywhere in the format (key:: value).
The difference between both (the brackets) is related with the option in Settings > Dataview “Enable Inline Filed Highlighting”: with this option enabled the format (key:: value), when in reading/preview mode, render only the value, hiding the key name.

About tasks in particular, you need to write something like:

- [ ] this is a task with this field [key:: value] or (key2:: value2)

In tasks this type of fields are in task-level (not a page-level metadata). Because that, if you use a task query you can target this field only as key(or key2). But if in table you need to target them as fields in tasks level, i.e., as file.tasks.key or file.tasks.key2.
If a subtasks, then you need to go to another sub-level…

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Thanks a ton! This clears it up a lot!

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