Possible to embed a memory plug like "anki" or "supermemo" on obsidian

Is it possible to embed a memory plug-in for regular review like “anki” or “supermemo” on obsidian?
I found that the properties of obsidian chain notes fit well with this kind of memory software.
Of course, this requires a big change to obsidian, and it is difficult to achieve.
But I think it would be great if this idea could be realized.

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My Review plugin is one option. You can only schedule one review date at a time at the moment, using Daily Notes, but schedules are planned. https://github.com/ryanjamurphy/review-obsidian

You can work with Obsidian notes in Anki with another integration: https://github.com/Pseudonium/Obsidian_to_Anki

There are many other threads on this topic, though; please try searching the forum and continuing those conversations.

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