Possible thousands / hundreds of records

I can’t seem to find the info anywhere on the internet about this particular problem. Dataview seems great and all but is it recommended for potentially huge datasets? In my ideal scenario I’d like to limit the number of rows in the table BUT have an optional button to switch between table pages. Has anyone ever tried to do that or is it really not recommended?

I’ve not personally tried using sets of those magnitudes, but I’ve not seen any other references to similar data sets, and by default dataview doesn’t support pagination of results sets.

However, it could possibly be implemented using some combination of buttons and dataview and custom scripting of the query to skip to the given page. But I do believe you’re stretching what Obsidian and Dataview are meant for, so I wouldn’t say it’s recommended for a long term solution of treating those datasets.

One caveat of such a solution could be how to avoid having the query return every record before limiting the output. In other words, even if you found a way to paginate it, how would you stop the query from scanning the entire dataset before pagination?

Then again, it kind of depends on what kind of datasets we’re talking about. Is all the data in one file, like a csv-file, or the entire vault, or … ? And what kind of data manipulation do you need for each row, if any at all, or do you just want to visualise the data?

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