Possible bug? (toggling a bullet list point to numbered list loses the correct numbering in editing mode but not reading mode)

What I’m trying to accomplish: have top-level numbered bullets, and sub-level round bullets.

What I do:

  • type the top-level numbered bullet
  • press enter, and then tab to access the sub-level
  • apply the “toggle bullet list” command to turn the sub-level bullet round
  • press enter to add more round bullet sub-levels
  • now I want to return to the top-level so I press shift+tab
  • now I am back on top-level, but with a round bullet. I wish to change this back to numbered bullet so I apply the “toggle numbered list” command
  • should expect: number 2. to show up
  • what actually happens: number 1. shows up in editing mode but 2. shows up in reading mode

Do we think this is a bug? This is a numbingly simple thing I’m trying to do (create a nested list with multiple bullet types) but I can’t seem to figure this out. Thoughts? Thank you!

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