Possibility to not index some parts (could be specific headings) of the notes

Basically the title, most of my notes i use to study, and i have questions and answers there as exercises with fake statements, would like to not include them in the indexing , to not show in the search and backlink plugins

I know that is possible to create another note with questions and answers, embed on my current note and exclude them from indexing, but is not a good approach for me , since i would have to have the double amount of the notes and would be a mess

Thanks in advance !

If note number really is your main concern and you don’t mind managing a large note, you could just have one note named, for example, ”Invisible Exercises” organized by headings and subheadings to mirror your areas of study and perhaps additional categories like date ranges, etc for easier navigation. Folding/unfolding is pretty quick, but it never hurts to build a little table of contents of links up top to make life easier. Also, obviously it wouldn’t have to be all in one note. That’s a little extreme. But, at the very least, you wouldn’t need double the notes. Like you mentioned, these blocks of fake content within the corresponding heading could be embedded. Personally, I like preemptively adding meaningful block ids. You might be interested in this request: Auto add incremented block id suffixes to lines

Good luck!

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