Possibility for headless syncing with a CLI

+1 Would be amazing to automate obsidian.

Plus one for this as well.

I’d like to see this as well, but not just to sync and back up my vault to a server/NAS.

I like the backup idea but have another reason for doing this. I’d like to write automation code that would add or modify files in my vault, and have those changes sync to my other devices via Obsidian Sync.

I realize I could do this from the git plugin, but using native Obsidian sync from a command line tool would be preferable to me.

This will be super useful.
I want to be able to have a CI pipeline that converts certain parts of my vault into blog entries automatically when I backup it to github.
Having to have a GUI environment just to be able to talk to the obsidian API it is a bit of a waste.l

+1 to this. I have a little server here where I keep all my files on and the only way to get Obsidian Sync to run is to log in and run the desktop app. A little background service would be great!