Position lost when changing pages

Scroll position is lost when changing pages.

Steps to reproduce

Enable headline/indent folding
Fold something on page 1, scroll down
Change to page2,
Change back to page1

Expected result

Cursor (and scroll bar) should be as it was on page 1

Actual result

It goes back to first line, and reparses page (sometimes code folding state is also lost)


  • Operating system: win10 x64
  • Debug info:
    ||Obsidian version: v0.13.19|
    ||Installer version: v0.13.19|
    ||Login status: not logged in|
    ||Insider build toggle: off|
    ||Live preview: on|
    ||Legacy editor: off|
    ||Base theme: dark|
    ||Community theme: custom|
    ||Snippets enabled: 0|
    ||Safe mode: on|

position is only maintained if navigate page using history.

Search/Open a FR if you want it maintained regardless.