Position in document lost when toggling preview/edit mode

Steps to reproduce

Expected result

The position currently displayed in edit mode should be the same when toggling to preview. The video below shows that it works when toggling at the beginning of the document.

Actual result

Instead, the preview shows the beginning of the document when it should show the position under cursor.
The video below shows that it does NOT work when toggling edit/preview mode at the end of the document.


Win 10
Obsidian v0.13.4 (bug also happens with Obsidian v0.12.19)
Custom plugins disabled
Default theme.

I can’t reproduce. Post a screen recording of this happening in the help vault.

Did you try to repro with the md file I attached?

I’ve posted the same message in Help as you asked.

Yes, i have tried. By help vault i mean the included help vault in obsidian not the help section of the forum.

Alternatively you can try no plugins and no themes, no snippets

I have the same problem. please let us know if you find the reason this happens. it is so annoying.

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