Popverse for viewing Obsidian scripture references?

I’ve been an avid user of Obsidian for two years. I’ve enjoyed the work of Joschua and others that have created solutions for linking scripture references. This post follows in that same spirit.

Popverse is a Chrome Browser Extension that parses any web page for Bible references and ‘temporarily’ replaces the references with links that pop up the verse(s) when moused over. Clicking on the link pops up the Bible in a window to view the verse(s) in context. A right-click on the link provides all the verses found on the web page in a list. A full description of the tool (with video) is here:


As you can read in the description, Popverse is fully self-contained and does not rely on any online sources. It is a collection of a few .js, .php, and .css files and a small 4MB file-based SQLite database of the KJV Bible. The description also includes an offer from the app’s developer of a Server edition of Popverse from which a person could create a fully offline version of Popverse. Given the app’s developer’s openness to sharing his source files, I’m hopeful that he would be agreeable to adaptations of his work.

It’s the developer’s offer of a server edition of Popverse that made think of how cool this would be for Obsidian, if it’s feasible. However, I’m not a software developer. I understand that these pop-up windows are different than the pop ups Obsidian provides for transclusions and that Obsidian may not support this type of pop-up. The purpose of this post is to create an awareness of Popverse and the app developer’s apparent openness and to inquire into the feasibility, concerns, and interest in such a project for Obsidian.

It’s great to be able to mouse over a scripture reference and see the text of the verse(s). However, the current method in Obsidian requires explicitly linking each scripture reference to a corresponding note that contains the scripture. This adds friction, especially in the case of multiple verses (eg, [[Gen-01#v01]] [[Gen-01#v02]] [[Gen-01#v03]]). This method can also litter one’s vault with numerous links that may be of little value.

By contrast, if the owner of Popverse is agreeable, an Obsidian adaptation would have its own built-in parser that understands single and multiple verse scripture references. In essence, it serves as a translator that eliminates the friction, allowing a person to write scripture references as you normally would instead of writing them to match the structure of an actual note. And it has a self-contained 4MB database of the Bible that eliminates the need to break up a Bible into a collection of smaller notes. While Popverse only contains a KJV database, I expect other translations could be added.

In essence, my hope is a transparent, frictionless solution that can parse natural scripture references and display their verses in a pop-up window without the need to manually link every reference to a note.

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