Popup/tooltip of a note when hovering over an internal link

Use case or problem

When reading a note which references another note, in order to look at that other note, without losing your current note you need to Ctrl+click on the link, which opens up the new tab, which stays there until you close it.
That’s a bit obtrusive.

Proposed solution

When you hover over a note link, a small (configurable size) popup could appear which would show a preview of a note, so that you don’t need additional actions to just look at what was there.
This is specially useful when the individual notes are small but referenced often.

See below for a sample:
Imagine I am reading about ‘docker images’ and want to remind myself what a ‘container’ and ‘registry’ are… A popup would be better than a new tab that I then need to close.

You can already do this, if you hover over the link while pressing ctrl (without clicking).

Do I need to configure anything? It does not work for me…
Can you share a screenshot of the outcome maybe?

This is in edit mode:

No need to configure anything (as far as I remember).

Actually, you do need to enable a core plugin for the previews to work: image

Thanks! :slight_smile: