Plugins with a lot to do at startup - being async onLayoutReady()

Hi all - I have a plugin that has a lot to do upon application load - what will eventually be a long Promise chain. I’ve added an event handler for onLayoutReady() so that I can start my work after the app has calmed down. In the handler, I then kick off an await call to my function. It works brilliantly.

Callback binding: (in onLoad);

Callback handler:

	 async onLayoutReady():Promise<void> {
             var results = await this.DoABunchOfRidiculouslyLongWork();

But… I can’t help to think I am doing something wrong because if I look at the onLayoutReady() callback function def, it is clearly not intended for asynch use:

      onLayoutReady(callback: () => any): void;

So my question is - how do I ensure my onLayoutReady() handler is actually being run with the ability to be asynchronous.

I appreciate the response - and realize this is more of a JS question than Obsidian, but thought the context of a plugin would make the question be handier for all.