Plugins, settings, and themes not loading on different workstation

What I’m trying to do

I have my entire vault sync’d between two workstations with Google Drive. (I am looking at moving to Sync so I can use my vaults on my iPad also, so if that will fix this issue then I’m sold!) The .obsidian folder and all the files are sync’d as well, and I’ve confirmed they are the same on both systems.

However, when I open the vault, none of the plugins, settings, or themes load. They continue to work on the first system where I originally configured the vault.

I do have a second vault that is used almost exclusively on the second system (for security purposes it is entirely separate from my personal vault). It is configured with different settings and a different theme, but my understanding was that I should be able to open two vaults and retain the unique configuration of each.

I searched and didn’t find anything, which I found strange. There were some reports of ISPs blocking some sites that were used to download artifacts, but both systems are on the same internet connection and behind the same router/firewall, so that isn’t the case here. Everything I’ve found seems to indicate that if the .obsidian folder is sync’d then it should work.

Things I have tried

I have tried opening just one vault; clearing the local copy of the sync’d files and forcing a resync with GDrive; I have reinstalled Obsidian cleanly to the latest version.

The only thing I can think of is that the .obsidian folder isn’t being synced to the second machine for some reason or you’ve set a custom config folder (Settings > About -> Override config folder).

If you’ve already checked this, forgive me, and I haven’t used GoogleDrive in a while, but their terms are mirroring and streaming. You want to make sure the entire vault, including .obsidian is set to the mirroring setting. I can’t remember if GDrive puts cloud icons for files/folders that aren’t local in Windows Explorer, but I’d have a look for anything like that and check the GDrive mirroring/streaming settings.

I know OneDrive gets jammed up at times and shows that folders are downloaded and local, but subfolders inside those aren’t actually downloaded.

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