Plugins Deactivating Automatically on PC Version of Obsidian after iCloud Sync

What I’m trying to do

All the plugins are disabled every time the Obsidian app is opened on the PC, and have to be manually enabled one by one. This happens every time I open the app on the PC and phone. Any clues how to solve this?

Things I have tried

Re-installing all plugins, obsidian, nothing seems to work.

The official bot response on Discord when someone mentions “iCloud on Windows”:

iCloud on Windows is known to cause file duplication and corruption issues. We highly suggest avoiding using this combination.

A member mentioned a possible workaround here: Sync iOS and windows 10 without subscription - #14 by alejohnny, but it involves different config folders, so that wouldn’t help with syncing plugins.

I sync .obsidian only one way, from PC to phone. This solved that issue for me. However, obviously making changes on the phone then do not sync back, so I use two vaults, one syncing one way the other one syncing the other way. On my phone I mostly need to be able to read notes, I rarely add anything from the phone, usually only small things which I then add to the “Big” vault manually to then sync back to the phone where they should be.

I hope this makes sense. Syncing via iCloud is definitely problematic at best.

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