Plugin to expand abbreviations

Hey :wave:

I tried to make a little plugin for the first time a little while ago, so I decided to share it.

My plugin allows you to define abbreviations for words that will be expanded when you type them. This is useful for words that you often misspell or for words that you want to expand into longer words or sentences.

It’s name is Abbreviations Plugin, it is waiting for validation atm. When I will fix my screen recording issues, I will showcase it here and on the project’s README.

Feel free to try it and give feedback. :smile:

Yann “WoodenMaiden”


How is it better than or different from plugins already on the market like Typing Transformer and several others?

Thanks for this. I was just looking for something similar to this plugin a few days ago.

So far, so good! (Installed with BRAT)

But why would anyone limit themselves to just Obsidian? I think that’s a bad decision to make in the long run.

Instead of using a plugin that lets you expand abbreviations in Obsidian, you should consider a more global approach like Espanso (if you’re a cross-platform yaml fan) or PhraseExpress (if you’re on windows) that lets you do that in every app, be it your email, word processor, browser, you name it.