Plugin / Theme contributors should get access to insider builds

I would like to update my theme to be 0.16 compatible as described here, but am currently unable to test on 0.16 builds because I don’t have access to the insider builds.

I get that you want to want to provide value with the one time donation tier, but doesn’t that intrinsically force all plugin developers, who actively contribute to and promote your software, to pay up the entry fee to know if their plugin will work on the upcoming version?

Right now, I will have to wait for 0.16 to be officially released and only then can I know if my theme will continue to work with said version and start migrating / making adjustments to accomodate the new design better. I’m sure the folks contributing plugins will have to deal with even worse regressions than theme contributors, version to version.

Doesn’t feel right to actively hide hide easier progress for open source contributions to your software behind a paywall.

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