[Plugin] The Book Weaver

See, Obsidian does a great job as a knowledge worker / thought processor. It also gives its user the luxury of full ownership. Now, after having such blockbuster features, why it should underperform in the ‘Document portability & sharing’ scene?

I ardently recommend a plugin which allows users to format their notes into formidable ‘Books’ , which are near-professional and suitable for high quality printing.
Such plugin may provide various options like:
:one: Include/Exclude/Select Notes.
:two: Order/Reorder Notes.
:three: Typeset/Template/Theme selection (with further advance options like page numbering, header-footer, etc)
:four: Paper/Book dimensions settings.
:five:Cover page selection.
:six: Several “template pages” like price-copyright page, acknowledgements preface etc)
:seven: Export format selection (pdf, EPUB, docx etc).
:8ball:And so on…

Now some more details:
The template/theme I am referring to in point :three: refers to styling theme of the book. Most plausibly the app themes will suffice.

How this plugin may work under the hood?
:sweat_smile: Similar to Slides feature, the plugin can just format content of the notes into fixed size pages (pages may span to any number depending on note length, etc) .
The only difference, will be that the plugin will also add some header-footer and those ‘—’ if necessary.

The plugin will actually make a new markdown file in a new vault with all the Selected/Ordered notes and assets into a single markdown file.

And this single file will be rendered (as a book) and exported into PDF etc.

How internal connections and tags will be dealt?
:sweat_smile: User may get such options like:
:black_circle: Remove links and formatting.
:black_circle: Remove links and keep formatting.
:black_circle:Re-anchor links and remove formatting for empty links.
:black_circle: Re-anchor links and keep formatting for empty links.

PS: I tried designing this idea from existing features, so that developers should be willing to work on this.
However, since I don’t know much about the possibilities, I leave it on community and developers regarding its formulation and implementation.


Pandoc would be useful for the formatting/export.