Plugin that allows to define forms that return notes?

I recently discovered the ability that obsidian-tasks plugin has to show the task editing modal UI and it returns the created tasks as text. This should be marketed a lot more, youtube influencers should showcase it instead of building their own solutions and it is plain awesome. But that is not the topic of this. The thing is that such functionality really inspired me. It is very powerful and at the same time really encourages plugin composition.
This may need to become a “plugin idea” if it does not exist, but I wanted to ask first. Is there a plugin that allows you to define a form just like what the tasks plugin is doing but in a more general way?
This could be used with quick-add captures, templater templates, dataview tables etc, and it feels like a great building block for better mobile experiences.
I know there is a similar topic, but it’s scope is much more limited to just fill templates using forms, this is a bit of a broader idea.

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