Plugin tags

With the number of plugins growing all the time (as of today, approaching 1000), it would be really helpful to be able to sort them according to tags.

Use case or problem

There’s no easy way to search for all plugins in a particular area if the plugin title and/or short description doesn’t contain distinctive keywords, e.g. it’s not easy to find all plugins that integrate AI. Similarly, searching for “spaced repetition” will only bring up plugins that actually use those words, and you won’t find various flashcard plugins. Thus, it would be helpful to be able for developers to be able to tag their plugins accordingly.

Proposed solution

Create a tags field to allow developers to tag their plugins. Some suggestions might be “#ai”, “#integrations”, “#interface”, “#spacedRepetition”, “#metadata”, “#appearance

Tags could also be used to mark plugin statuses, e.g. “#sherlocked” or “#inactive

Current workaround (optional)

No current workaround that I can think of. I suppose developers could add hashtags to their short descriptions, so searching “#” would de facto be a tag search.


YES, I was just thinking about this last night! There should be a way a categorize and filter plugins.

Some other categories I can think of right now that could be useful:

  • linking
  • organization/file management
  • metadata
  • customization
  • editing
  • automation
  • integration
  • programming
  • writing
  • AI (the number of these in particular are growing pretty fast.)

Right now, I mostly search for plugins here or on Github because of the current in-app plugin search limitations.

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I think this would be useful, too.

Surfacing the right plugins is very difficult.

I think it might useful to combine both a controlled vocabulary of categories or tags to start (maybe hierarchically organized; and plugins may belong to multiple categories). Because then we just defer the problem from “I don’t know what text to search for” to “I don’t know what tags to search for” :slight_smile:

An official “taxonomy” of plugin categoriess can be augmented with a “bottom-up” one where contributors add additional tags to capture applications/aspects.


Yes, I agree totally. Thanks!