Plugin recommendation

Use case or problem

in the community plugin modal:

  • I was trying to see a bit whats the state of AI plugins in obsidian. very hard to search relevant stuff
  • I struggle to find plugins that i like except ordering by popularity and scrolling

Proposed solution

both a semantic search + full text search plugin bar
and a recommendation engine

create a github action that sync each object from obsidian-releases/community-plugins.json at master · obsidianmd/obsidian-releases · GitHub into GitHub - different-ai/embedbase: The native Software 3.0 stack

and integrate .search() into community plugin which would search using the description concatenated of all the plugins im using

It’s likely 1 hour of work

similar example: Using OpenAI to increase time spent on your blog | Better Programming

Current workaround (optional)

not using others’ plugins