Plugin Output from codefence not rendered in PDF export

I am currently using the Todoist Plugin from Jamie Brynes to render my project tasks within Obsidian.

Often I need to share my project status with people, and the PDF export would be ideal to do this, but unfortunately, the output from the plugin is not rendered. Instead the PDF export renders the codefence block from the editor.

Mermaid and Query codeblocks are rendered in the output, but unfortunately, not the plugin output.

Is there a solution for this?

Can you show the edit mode version of that note? My suspicion is that you’re not adding the “language” of the codeblock correctly.

Certainly. Here is the code:


The output is rendered perfectly in the Markdown Preview on screen.

The problem is with the PDF export, where the codeblock is rendered instead of the markdown preview.

In that case, I am not sure this is something that obsidian can handle itself. Have you opened an issue in the plugin’s repository?

I will do so now. Thank you.

I have a reply from Jamie on my ticket I posted to the github page.

Can you please comment?

I replied directly on the issue. I think we should keep the discussion in GitHub since it’s a plugin bug. I’ll move this to #resolved-help