Plugin: obsidian-task-archiver

Lots of new features in obsidian-task-archiver

Hello everyone!

Lately I’ve been working on my task-archiver plugin, that lets you clean up completed tasks: GitHub - ivan-lednev/obsidian-task-archiver: Archive completed tasks in your Obsidian vault (plus other org-mode-like features).

Lots of issues got resolved, and the settings got extended significantly:

  • You can now set up different destination paths for different task statuses ([-], [>])
  • You can build arbitrary heading & list item hierarchies, like year-month-day date trees in your archive
  • You can replace and append stuff while archiving

Overall, now the plugin can accomodate a lot of different workflows. It’s a great companion to obsidian-tasks.

Issues and feature requests are welcome!