Plugin - Inline Scripts - Release 0.24.0 (beta)

Major plugin updates

  • Autocomplete and/or its tooltip can be disabled in the settings
  • Shortcut links can include a block-id for the shortcut expansion destination
  • An optional “standard format” system for expansion strings. This includes:
    • Settings (prefix, line-prefix, suffix) for format customization
    • expFormat() - converts a string into the standard format
    • expUnformat() - removes the standard format from a string

Major library updates

  • Cards - This system has been revamped. Check out the tutorial video for details.
  • Tablefiles - A new system to roll on tables in text files. Check out the tutorial video for details.
  • State - The state is auto-saved to a file beside the state shortcut-file. Auto-save is now more reliable.
  • Notevars - Incompatibily with the latest Obsidian is resolved. A bug where multiple "set" shortcuts only save one of the variables is resolved.

Check the release notes for details.