[Plugin Idea] Automatic File Sorting

I use obsidian excessively for university but get annoyed at the amount of file sorting I end up doing. While I understand that Obsidian is better to just have all free notes go to a single place and you jump around through the links, it can be nice to still be hierarchical with school.

I have a dedicated home page for each class where I can view all of the semesters content through links. I then have a folder with subfolders for each class that houses all of the individual notes. What I really want is to be able to make a note on the dedicated class home page, and when I do, it places that note in a corresponding subfolder. So a rule would be, if note is created on this page (PSY 3000), then place it in this folder (PSY 3000 Notes).

Is this even possible with Obsidian in its current state?


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It probably wouldn’t be that difficult, you could use a tag or YAML data to key for the movement to designated folders.

I’m confident the new Templater startup script functionality could code for this even now. For example, every time Obsidian started, the Templater startup script could look for a tag and move that note to a related folder. It would just require creating a script for each tag/folder combo.

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I’ve been looking for a plugin idea to sink my teeth in this month and this just might be the one for me… I’ve been having the same problems and would love for something to auto-sort my files for me.

If I can get some spare time today/tomorrow I’ll start poking around with the API and try designing something.


Did you ever get anywhere on this?