Plugin help for 'Natural Language Dates'

What I’m trying to do

Use the ‘Natural Language Dates’ plugin to track my Obsidian Vault files/folders using the ‘timestamp’ option.

When you say “the ‘timestamp’ option”, to what are you referring? If you have a look at the README, the literal word timestamp only exists in (conveniently enough) the last two lines:

Token Output
Unix Timestamp X 1360013296
Unix Millisecond Timestamp x 1,36001E+12

but it’s not clear how that would relate to “tracking [your] Obsidian Vault files/folders”. Could you expand on what you’re looking to do?

I’ll make some wild guesses here about what you might be asking for and ways to address those here. This is my first post here so I don’t have rights to link to things yet, so you’ll have to cut-and-paste URL’s, sorry.

Wild guessing…

Perhaps you’re talking about something like is discussed in [this issue](, where the desire was to use the generated timestamps in plain text rather than just in links? If so, this feature was added [a couple years ago](, so have a look if those commands are helpful.

Or maybe what you mean is a use case for daily notes like described in this issue: Use "Daily Notes" as default folder? · Issue #37 · argenos/nldates-obsidian · GitHub — the issue is still open, but only because it isn’t documented, so you can have a look at the issue’s comments to see how to accomplish that.

If you’re looking for access to the creation or modification times of the files, you can view this information with the File Info Panel plugin. (In its settings, it has a “Date Format” option that uses the same moment.js format the Natural Language Dates plugin does.)

OTOH, if you want in-document access to the files and folders’ creation and/or modification timestamps — so you could put something into your document that would automatically update the displayed timestamp as referenced files and folders changed — I think you’d have to make a feature request for the plugin; it has no such support, and I don’t see another plugin that does. (It looks like the plugin itself hasn’t had any activity in a little over a year, though, so you may be out of luck there.)

But if none of those are on the mark, I think it would be useful if you elucidated the actual behavior you’re looking for.

So sorry on my response time to you.
Let me make a typical scenario of what usually happens in any given day.

‘Daily Notes’ are my first go-to spot to start my day.
The project ‘x’ that I am working on is mentioned and what needs to be done. I use the NLD plugin to note the time started.
Then, I go to the project ‘x’ that was briefly mentioned in the Daily Notes and also use ‘ctrl = t’ in that projects’ notes.

Now I have a sequence of events for project ‘x’.
Can the NLD plugin be used follow my activity for ‘x’ by using the time/date?
PS, This is a typical way a construction foreman would log his time/date for each project he is overseeing.

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