Plugin for Links to Notes

Is there a plugin that adds links to notes like Andy’s published notes?

You might want to explain more, and give specific examples. There’s many way to interpret “links to notes like Andy’s published notes”. Plus not all will be well versed in Andy’s style

Ah, sorry.

I am looking for a plugin besides the core plugin that creates a section at the end of a note and displays a small preview of linked notes. In the phone above, I’m referencing the Links to this note section seen on obisidian publish pages. I understand the core plugin does something similar but curious if anyone is aware of something that creates a Links to this note section in the grid based, small preview style above.

You could use a CSS snippet to format the core plugin’s output.

I was trying to remember a post I saw on querying note file name and turn it to embed (transclude), but could find it. You might want to explore dataview (possibly using dataviewjs) to do just that.

Once u have that, formatting it would be fairly easy using css snippet. kepano’s minimal theme has a feature call cards where u include cssClass: cards in the yaml and your dataview table turns to grid like. You can modify it for embed.

As you can guess, it could be quite an involved process to achieve that effect automatically…

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