Plugin: Documents details tab


You can think about this as same thing like in wikipedia is. Each article have important items from document in tabular form on right side of the document. The data are also in, but for readability it is also extracted on the right side. All relevant information.

What is should do

  1. Show all hastags only from current document in RIGHT BAR, in new icon “Documents details”
  2. For this it will be good to have in settings option to hide all hastag words in document body in preview mode
  3. Show date of creation and date of modification of document
  4. Show list of references if there are any
  5. Show all highlighted text
  6. Show all image files grouped in "galery - small icons previews maybe 2 pictures / row
  7. Show all video files fitting the size of search and autoplay without sound
  8. Show pending tasks from document