Plugin: Daily Note Outline

Hello! I recently released my first plugin, Daily Note Outline and now it’s available directly from the community plugin list.
It’s a plugin that displays outlines of multiple daily notes at once to make it easier to find what you wrote. You can choose which element (headings, links, tags, list items) to show as outline, so if you write the categories of content in link form (as perhaps seen in Roam Research, Logseq, etc), but you can still find them.


I’d be happy if you use this plugin and give me a feedback!


Now I have released version 0.2.0!

  • New functions
    • filtering outline element by word or phrase
    • display some file information to the right of file name (number of lines / distance from the base date)
    • show the first line of the file if it has no outline element
  • Improvements
    • hover preview now shows the location of each element

Released version 0.3.0!

  • New function
    • Two new ways to preview the contents of daily notes were added.
      • Inline preview: show a few subsequent words next to each outline element.
      • Tooltip preview: show subsequent sentences as a tooltip with mouse hover.
    • By default, both are turned on. If you find them redundant, please turn them off in the settings.
  • Improvements
    • added a UI button to open plugin setting
    • click on the date range to jump to Onset date(specified in the settings).
  • Fixed
    • fixed long name items overflowing
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It is pretty good!

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Glad to hear that! Thank you for using this plugin!