Plugin API to show plugin provided notes in the vault

Use case or problem

I would like for it to be possible to distribute predefined sets of notes as plugins and make it easy to install & update such notes.

Currently a plugin could include notes and copy them into a vault on demand but it couldn’t prevent the user from moving, renaming or updating such notes and could not easily update these notes other than just copying all the notes into the vault again, potentially overwriting any changes a user has made.

Proposed solution

I would like to be able to show read-only notes in a vault that are provided as part of a plugin without having to copy notes into the user’s actual vault.

Basically a plugin should be able to provide notes or folders of notes from its own content that are then available in the vault as if they are mostly normal folders and notes. Such notes should be searchable, linkable, etc… like regular notes but should (at least by default) be read-only so the user cannot modify their contents.

Obsidian might display such files & folders in a separate section, grouped by plugin, in the file browser tab to distinguish them from the user’s files in the vault.