Plug Ins on different Platforms

Certain plugins are great on a computer screen but useless on a phone … example in my case ‘Sliding Panes’

Is there a way I can have plugins used on phone set differently to plugins on a bigger screen?

When I disable sliding panes on my phone / I have to re enable them on my computer and then back on my phone disable again later.

Am I missing a setting somewhere that allows the plugins to be enabled based on the platform in use?

In Obsidian > Settings > About you find this:

For example:

  1. In you computer you use the default folder “.Obsidian” (don’t do anything)
  2. In mobile you can use a new folder called, for example, “.Mobile” (define this folder in the settings of your mobile app).

You can change this at any time… And you can define “.Mobile” (what plugins, theme and snippets you want to mobile) in your desktop (more practical), and then return to default configuration on computer and activate “.Mobile” in mobile app.


Another option:

If you’re using Obsidian Sync, you can disable sync of the “Active community plugin list”. If you’re rolling your own sync, you can set up your sync tool to ignore syncing the .obsidian/community-plugins.json file.


Thankyou @Montblanc and @mnvwvnm much appreciated.

Reporting back - working - thankyou again @Montblanc and @mnvwvnm — even cooler looks like I can even set iPad different to iPhone … great stuff.

Final solution, 3 hidden folders


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