Plug-in update warning pop-up

Use case or problem

A couple of times now I have been caught out and reported an issue with a plug-in after an update, when all it took was a refresh to resolve it. Time and effort are wasted with this.

Proposed solution

I would like to suggest that a standard message gets integrated in Obs that pops up when the user has updated a plug-in, and the message should say that the vault needs to be refreshed (Cmd/Ctrl+R) for the update to be enabled properly.

Current workaround (optional)

Trying to remember to manually refresh.

Related feature requests (optional)


+1 would make life easier

Thank you !

This should not be necessary if the plugin is well written. We had a minor bug, will be fixed in 0.10.12

@WhiteNoise: I think you misunderstand the issue.

4 people agreed with plug-in developer Vinadon, who agrees with me - see his post.

Or are you saying that from 0.10.12/13 updating a plug-in will automatically refresh the vault?

I’m with @WhiteNoise on this one: if your plugin is correctly written to disconnect itself from Obsidian’s API, a reload should be unnecessary.

(Edit: I just realized you’re not the plugin developer; if you have a plugin that doesn’t work without refreshing, it’s a bug in that plugin and should be reported to the developer.)

I am saying that it should not be necessary to refresh the vault if the plugin is properly written.
We forgot to add code to trigger unload/reload plugins upon update.

@WhiteNoise OK, so you confirm the question I asked you above. That’s fine, so this bug report can then be closed.