Plug-in in Review

Hi, guys. Last Friday I submitted a new plug-in. I know it takes a few days to be reviewed, but I wondered if I made a mistake. I’ve been programming since the 80s but never used GitHub before. I get the warning “First-time contributors require maintainers to approve workflows in order to run.”. Do I have to report this to someone or just wait?


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You just need to wait.

Workflows are not run automatically as a security precaution.
(Workflows are running in GitHub Actions, which is their CI/CD system)

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Hi, joethei. My plugin was reviewed and some changes were requested. I performed the changes and pushed a new version. But now I’m not sure how to proceed. Should I add the plugin again at the bottom of the community-plugins.json file, as I did the first time, or the procedure is different now?


No you don’t need to do that.

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I’m in a similar situation currently. My plugin was initially reviewed, I got some suggestions and made some changes I pushed to my repository. I made new releases but nothing happened in the review process.
Am I doing something wrong? Am I missing something here?
I’m also no GitHub geek … :see_no_evil:
Thanks so much!

The devs are currently busy with fixing issues & adding features in the latest insider build.
They haven’t circled back to reviews yet.

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Ahhh, thanks for the explanation! No problem, I can be patient. Good to know that I didn’t do something wrong. :blush:

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YAYYY, my plugin was “released” yesterday. So it’s now listed inside of Obsidian in the official community plugins list. I’m happy & proud, especially because it’s my very first Obsidian plugin. :blush:
A day later: “already” 28 downloads! :tada: