Please please support URL-schemed-calls to Obsidian to work reliably

I had a look around for this feature request but couldn’t find one but I’m absolutely sure it has been asked for before because it seems such a big issue to anyone using (iPhone) URL schemes with Obsidian.

Use case or problem

I open Obsidian on my iPhone with a URL scheme -eg. obsidian://open?vault=xxx&file=yyy or obsidian://new?vault=xxx&file=yyy&content=zzz all the time from various places. But the problem is that if Obsidian is not open or needs to “sync” (or whatever it does when it starts up) then it loses the parameters passed to it.

Proposed solution

Please can this be fixed. Save the parameters, do the sync, then execute the parameters.

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Would love to have this fixed.

For now I work around it by having Shortcuts launch Obsidian before it opens the Obsidian URL.