Please let me save via Apple Files on iOS for privacy

I am just a personal user who is writing journal entries. I want to have my files be private and not in the cloud, at all. I am totally willing to pay a few dollars a month to support development for the privilege of saving to Apple Files. This would let me save to Nextcloud which I host myself in my own house.

I just cannot justify $8/month for Sync to accomplish private notes. $1 or $2 a month I can justify. And I can tell you from personal experience that low payments like that do add up.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to support you. I just can’t at the prices being asked here for what my use case is.

I’ve read some technical reason for this but in the end I don’t expect it to be perfect or to have my PC and Mobile properly sync. I am willing to close the vault myself - or a simple file lock can be used in this way. A big red button saying we need to be careful, anything can work around the technical reason.

Plenty of SaaS businesses are successful with trusting Enterprise users will pay them properly.