Please differentiate between Backlinks and Outgoing Links and prioritize Unlinked

I’ve been using this software for 1 1/2 years now and I still struggle with differentiating between backlinks and outgoing links. After ruminating on this for a while - because they both seem useful to me - I think it’s due to:

  • the icons are very similar
  • the words used are identical - “linked” mentions and “unlinked” mentions

I have a hard time remembering which panel is which and thus wonder why something is or is not showing up in that area. I suggest making the two more distinguishably different in the UI, including changing “mentions” to something more descriptive, eg Unlinked Backlinks and Unlinked Outgoing Links.

The other thing is that I really don’t get much use out of Linked Mentions at all while I love both Unlinked ones. I’d rather decouple those and have just Unlinked run in a pane like tags and search do (I give them both the full column when I use them). The Linked mention section is always open by default and unlinked mentions are not, and essentially I’d also rather have the reverse of that as well.