Please add a Esc and Ctrl keys for mobile version for using vim

Use case or problem

Vim mode is useless on mobile version because there is no way out of insert mode without an external keyboard. I am starting to use more Obsidian on my mobile out on the street and selecting text without vim is very hard on a touchpad

Proposed solution

I suggest devs take a look at Droidvim as it adds two rows of keys on top of usual Gboard keyboard and makes using vim possible without the need to mess with keyboard layout or installing a third party app.



I would love it if the mobile buttons could function as Esc, Ctrl, and Alt.


Termux app on mobile is a good example of how the buttons should work.

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Exactly , many apps has their own buttons. There is no need to has as many options as Termux tho, only a Esc key to move out of insert mode is enough IMO.