PKM management (storage, annotation) for business documents

Hello dear Obsidian PKM community,

I wonder how you treat business documents (mail, presentations, reports, etc.) that is relevant for PKM. I handle everything markdown outside this specific group of documents in Zotero and I keep a segregation between the files themselves and markdown / permanent notes in Obsidian.

The goal would be to

  • have a good workflow to organize and process (= annotated)
  • incoming business documents, such as presentations, weekly sales reports, protocols of not-attended meetings
  • to import annotations of said documents in Obsidian
  • reference said documents in Obsidian, wherever the information and thoughts are relevant.

I refrain from importing business documents in Zotero as it will cause clutter, and I would prefer to keep primary business documents on OneDrive for Business.

Is there an App that I can use to annotate .pdfs locally / on OneDrive and process the annotations in Obsidian easily?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: