PKM, attention, and computer time

I’m getting ready to ditch my iPhone for a LightPhone II. I know it’s a bit mimetic (or memetic?), but this change is mostly about our kids, who love to find the devices that intrigue the adults. I’m also looking forward to not even having the option to check email, look something up on search, etc. Even just knowing we’re about to make this change, my phone use has been almost nil.

This hasn’t been a total 180 for me. I try to keep my presence on social media to a minimum, especially Facebook, even as my colleagues seem to be going the other direction. But I’m becoming convinced that it’s not just time on social media but time on the computer itself that should be limited.

My best writing happens after long walks or uninterrupted time away. I notice that if I spend too much time in Obsidian, I start “fiddling with the knobs” — looking for a better font, tweaking the accent color, checking out the plug-ins.

Though my best writing happens after I’ve been away from the computer, I have not made as many connections between my notes. It seems like this type of work would benefit from serious screen time.

What has been your experience? How do you do your best work? Do you limit your screen or device time, or are you always on and see this as a benefit to your work?