Pinned panes should retain their geometry

I’m of the opinion that pinned panes should not adjust their geometry when other panes are opened or closed. Effectively, the area any pin takes up should not be available for use to the other panes, and vice versa.

Use case or problem

Using pinned panes as side bars, in effect. Being able to navigate a multi-note arrangement and leave the pin out of it.

Proposed solution

Disallow any pane to change its size once it’s been pinned


I like this idea, but I do have a concern. This would restrict being able to split a pinned pane. But there are some possible solutions.

Assuming the pinned pane isn’t the only open pane, maybe the split off duplicate of the pinned pane could be opened immediately to the right. This would be assuming that right edge is not a pane region interface border. In that case, it could be created immediately adjacent to the pinned pane splitting an adjacent pane that has the space.

Anyways, perhaps this could be a toggle in the settings.