Pin the local graph view so it stays static while focused on other notes

Currently, local-graph view tracks with the active pane. I’d like to pin the local-graph so that the “center node” does not change. I can then move around different panes/open different files while being able to see a pinned/unchanging local-graph.

Is this possible?

Edit: Clarified that I’m referring to local graph.


Maybe this is a feature request (simple one, I hope?): I imagine a Pin Toggle that sits in the floating Settings menu within the local-graph pane. Turn on the Pin, and the graph keeps the current central node even as user moves to different panes. The local-graph updates if and when nodes fall into the filter (e.g., new links/notes created or deleted).

I second this. Being able to pin a central node like some kind of index would be awesome and bet that this feature will be implemented eventually!

Does this work?

  • Open a note
  • Use the note’s triple-dot menu to open local graph
  • Unlink the local graph pane by clicking the “broken chain” icon on it
  • Close the original note

I can’t test as I’m not at my desktop.

@ryanjamurphy, good suggestion, but unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to work. Others should test in case I am not following correctly your instructions.

No, sorry, you’re right. Unlinking the local graph view created by a pane just makes it a generic local graph view pane.

I’ve converted this thread to a feature request.

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