Pictures/Files folder pointing to onedrive?

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I am trying to create a workflow where I:

  • Use a simple whiteboard style drawing program on my ipad (currently trying out “Concepts”)
  • Export svg file of a drawing to a specific ondrive folder (still on the ipad)
  • Onedrive synchronize with my pc
  • The drawing appears in Obsidian (on my PC) where I can easily drag and drop on the the line where I need it in a given note.

So the thing I do not know how to achieve is the “drawing appears in Obsidian”.
Is it possible to “subscribe to” or “mount” a folder on my onedrive such that its content is available from within Obsidian. Another option I have thought about would be a small script running anytime obsidian is running and is making sure a svg_images_folder in my obsidian vault is always receiving copies of any new file appearing in my onedrive svg files folder - again so I can access them from within obsidian.
Maybe there is a better approach. If so please share your thoughts :slight_smile:

(This whole setup is to get hand drawings inputs for my notes as close to a OneNote experience as possible when it comes to stylus input. The reason why I would like to go with SVG files is that I can easily modifiy these later. )

You can create a symlink inside your Obsidian vault folder to a folder in the local OneDrive folder. More info available here as well.

If you do this, the OneDrive folder will appear within your Obsidian vault.


Hi ScottKillen

Thanks for the answer. Your links took me further and I have now set up a batch file with robocopy that I leave running when I am drawing on my ipad. It copies new files or changed files from the OneDrive folder that is shared between my ipad and PC into a folder in my obsidian vault. The command in the batch file reads: robocopy /mot:1.
The /mot:1 means it check for changes every 1 min.

Related info: I have added OneDrive to “Files” on my ipad using the first part of this guide: How to download files directly to OneDrive on iPhone and iPad | Windows Central

robocopy “Onedrive folder” “drawings folder in the vault” /mot:1.

Robocopy is a great tool!

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