Picture import order issue

What I’m trying to do

I have a series of pictures to import to an OB note. these pictures are named in ascending order. But after imported (drag n drop), the pictures in note show in descending order.

Things I have tried

I can‘t find info related in help files and topics here. Is there any option or solution to change picture order in note?

I doubt that’s something that Obsidian is controlling. It’s likely the same if you drag it anywhere else.

Dragging from where, your file system? What OS?

I noticed the same thing in Windows last week. I was dragging a series of images from windows explorer into an online wiki software, and the order got messed up. I had to drag one by one.

I almost faced the same situation. I dragged pictures from Win10 document folder through windows explorer to OB note. And they were shown in reversed order.
If i do the same thing just to MS office word, it is all right.

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Maybe try it in any non-Microsoft app. Maybe Microsoft is doing some tricks to compensate for it. It reminds me of another thread where someone was copy/pasting with weird results, and it worked between MS apps.

Or maybe it has to do with an upstream bug in browsers. Maybe it can be fixed in Obsidian, I don’t know.

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