Personal KeyMap which isn't VIM

I am very used to Ctrl-e end of the line and Ctrl-a to the beginning of the line:
in .zhrc

bindkey '^A' beginning-of-line
bindkey '^E' end-of-line
bindkey '^[[1;3D' backward-word
bindkey '^[[1;3C' forward-word

How do I add those shortcuts to my own Obsidian config? I haven’t found any hints in forum and I am using the Hotkeys++ plugin for ctrl+m for the checkbox.

I haven’t used it myself so I can’t vouch for it, but there’s a .vimrc plugin.

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Not sure how it can help, I don’t want to use VIM keymap, only Ctrl-e end of the line and Ctrl-a for beginning, it’s exactly how mac bindings work in every editor - I want the same behaviour on Linux.

Oh :man_facepalming: I saw zsh and my brain read it as vim.

I’m afraid I’m of no help here as I’m not a Linux user. Sorry!

I did manage to get it working using your suggestion above, but it feels wrong - I have memory muscle for Mac OS default behaviour for those keys.
Let’s see if anyone else can help.